Frequently Asked Questions


(Frequently Asked Questions)

Will my pets be kept together in the same cage?

Yes, if they are used to being together, they will be kept together.

I have more than one different kind of pet, how will you charge me?

We will put together an individual package just for you that will offer good value whilst maintaining the excellent level of service. 

I can’t get to you – can you provide transport?

Yes, we can – we have a large car that will accommodate most animal cages. Please speak to us so we can make the necessary arrangements.

Where would my animals stay whilst staying with you?

Smaller caged/hutched animals can stay indoors in our conservatory (whether they need heating or not) or in our garage, or outside – whichever you prefer. Cats and dogs would remain in their own home and be visited as many times as you want, daily. Some other animals could also be visited at home if you prefer and by arrangement e.g. chickens, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, smaller caged animals, fish, reptiles, insects etc.

What do I need to bring with my small animal?

For those pets smaller than rabbits or guinea pigs, we ask that you bring their cage/hutch. (Or we can have a conversation about what best suits your needs if this is not possible.) For rabbits and guinea pigs we can provide a hutch that they would use for the duration of their stay. We ask that they bring their own food in a labelled container as well as their own water bottle’s, food bowl and any toys so they feel at home and comfortable.

What happens if my pet becomes ill or is injured while I am away?

The first thing we will do is take your pet to the vets. We will contact you to inform you immediately (if you have requested this), on the contact details that you will have provided us with on your booking form. If your pet is insured we will have taken these details too, again on the booking form. If your pet is not insured then we would require you to sign a disclaimer, removing us from any financial liability incurred through subsequent vet bills. We disclaimer and we will of course provide you with all the receipts from the vet. Any vet bills will need to be settled when you collect your pet.

What forms of payment do you take?

We do not have the facilities to take credit card/debit card payments or cheques. Our method of payment is cash, for which a receipt is provided.

Do you require a deposit on booking?

Yes. We take a 25% deposit on booking (non-refundable), and then the balance is paid when you drop your pet off with us or when we collect them from your home. If home visits have been booked, we require the cash payment one week prior to the start of the home visits and could visit you to collect this at a mutually convenient date and time. This would normally be at the same time as being given the specific instructions for your pets, meeting your pets and collecting keys etc.

Can we come and visit you prior to booking and with no obligation to book?

Yes you can.

With home visits, how will you know what to do?

We must visit you at your home prior to the booking so that we can get detailed instructions from you regarding your pets and crucially we need to meet your pets.

Will you house site dogs breeds found within the Dangerous Dogs Act?

No, for personal health and safety reasons we do not house-sit nor board any dog breeds mentioned within the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

These are just some questions. Please contact us if you have any more that remain unanswered.

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